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Additional for Video production

So… What can increase the Video production cost? 

From the basic music video, the costs can increase depending on the most common situations or needs to cover, and these only can determine, depending directly from complexity of video concept that you wants.


Here are the primary factors to consider in

a music video production budget:

1. A great video needs a great song.

When filming, your song should be playing in the background so you can line it up perfectly with the tempo of your recording. Don’t worry about the quality of your vocals while recording, or any background noise during the shoot. This will be replaced with your professionally produced song during post processing.  It’s important to actually sing while you’re shooting, otherwise the footage may look like you’re simply lip syncing.

Don't have it?  No worries... we can help you to record it.  CLICK HERE.

Your recorded song...

2. You have...

or you need help?

Some artists already know what they want conceptually, and just need help translating their vision into a motion picture.  Either way, a great music video starts with a great idea. If you can’t come up with a dynamite concept on your own, you’ll always can count with us, but... this is an extra.


3. To look like an artist, you must look like them.

Props and wardrobe, plus the prop masters and stylists who put it all together, are essential in creating a video with a cohesive and stylized look.
Do you want your music video to look like a Hollywood movie? No problem, we can help you, but it is other factor for extras.

Make Up, WARDROBE and props.

4. Exterior, Interior

or Both?

Good locations can be pricey – and often require existing relationships. Even free locations generally end up costing some money.  
Some music videos are shot in literally dozens of locations and may require location vehicles, crew transportation, insurance, lighting, generators, damage waivers, construction, and cleanup. Plan your budget accordingly.


5. More quality, equal... more expensive.

There’s world of difference between videos shot on consumer-grade cameras, and videos shot with top-of-the-line professional cameras with great lighting – plus dollies, jibs, cranes and other high-end gear.

There are numerous professional options out there, from 4K camera packages and lighting kits, to all sorts of other amazing production equipment. But this stuff costs money to rent, maintain, power, and insure. The better the gear, the better the image, and the higher the cost.

Production equipment...

6. A great music video required

talented people.

Does your concept call for actors, dancers, or a cast of thousands?  Somebody’s got to cast them, rehearse them, and pay them.  Volunteers are nice, but they’re usually unreliable.

Therefore, the project must be well-planned to avoid cost overruns.


7. More time, equal... more expensive.

A well-planned music video can be shot in as little as a day or two. Larger-scale productions often take a week or more.  Factor in the rental rates for equipment and day rates for the crew… you can quickly see how each additional day of shooting adds to the budget.

Shoot schedule...

8. The crew and talent have to eat on set

Yes... Food.

A 10-hour shoot (at minimum) requires physical and mental stamina. If the team is not fed regularly, their performance will suffer. This is often overlooked when thinking about making a music video.


9. The simpler...

the cheaper.

Editing costs are determined by factors like the complexity of the concept, the need for special effects, the number of cameras, lighting design, the amount of footage shot, and continuity issues.

The post-production phase of a music video can take weeks depending on the complexity of the project.  Plan and budget for it accordingly.

Editing and Post-Production

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