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Product Projects by LOBO MEDIA

We understand the importancy that your product have, and how consumers perceive the value of a product through its packaging, so your labels need to be impactful on shelf and reflect your brand objectives.

LOBO MEDIA has the knowledge and creative skills for development and design of labels for the spirits market including all mandatory Labeling info.

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Before engaging in business into USA, remember that certain alcohol products, must file an application with and receive approval from TTB. 

TTB, protect the public by enforcing the provisions of the Federal Alcohol Administration Act (FAA Act) to ensure that only qualified persons engage in the alcohol beverage industry and, under its charter, the TTB is responsible for the administration of the FAA (Federal Alcohol Administration) Act, and the FAA Act requires that alcohol beverage labels and advertisements provide the consumer with adequate information regarding the product's identity and quality. 

At LOBO MEDIA we can help you to revise and modify or, re-design your labeling before you file the application for the TTB aproval.

Are your product label, ready to be U.S.ed?

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