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Once your corporate image is ready to be launched in the world, you must take your image to the printed world too, either from your basic stationery such as:

business cards, letterheads and brochures, even promotional material such as: banners, posters, displays and why not, even in their vehicles.

Contact us, at LOBO MEDIA STUDIO we are associated with the most professional and committed companies and you will have the production of all your printed material, always at affordable costs and an accurate production.



From one to any quantity you need.

Do you need posters, banners, canvas, adhesive vinyl or any kinfd of sign?

We can print digital quality on almost any substrate, regardless of the quantity.


Modern printing methods such as lasers, inkjet and toner-based systems are called digital printing.
And we know how to do this with excellence and our service is fast and efficient.
You will find this service for:


  • Flexible Materials (banner, vinyl, canvas)

  • Rigid Materials (PVC, Foamboard, etc)

  • Special Materials  (Metal, Acrylic, etc)


Take your brand to the next level

When you do business, the image is a vital part of your success.
Any commercial consultant will tell you that one of the vital tools for any brand is its commercial stationery.


And ... We are experts on this topic.

business stationary printing.jpg


Vehicular Advertise

Many companies can effectively leverage their vehicles to strengthen their corporate values and their brand recognition locally.

Regardless of the type of industry or company, each vehicle in your fleet can serve as a mobile billboard for your business that quickly catches the attention of potential customers.


Do you have any questions? A valuable member of our team would be happy to help you.



EVERYTHING to promote your business.

We offer a wide variety of Displays and standard hardware options for almost any signage challenge.


No matter the size of your signage and hardware project, you can find the best option with us.

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