Starting a business involves planning, making key financial decisions, and completing a series of legal activities, but, you'll need to create your own brand image too to identify your business in the global market.  Scroll down to learn more about what you could need.


In order to get a presence in the global market, once you got covered all legal requierements to start a business in the United States, remember that you will need 4 basic things:

1.-A Brand Name.
2.-A Custom Logo Design.
3.-Basic Stationery as Business Cards.
4.-A Domain Name and Web Page.

Don't worries and Contact Us to help you.
Our Expert Team will get an Incredible new brand image for you, to start with the right foot.

New Business Start Up Kit
Open For Business

4 Basics start up kit elements.


What means....?

Logo design concepts:

Our professional in-house design team will brainstorm multiple logo design concepts to ensure that you get one, that represents you and your business essence.

In-house design team:

Our logo design team, consist on trained and professional graphic designers collaborating into LOBO MEDIA.

Design revisions:

Review all the concepts you've received and choose your favorite to revise. You'l have direct communication with your Team Captain to make updates top get a great final logo.

Initial turnaround:

Recieve your first round of design concepts, created exclusively for you in only a few days. Starting there, we can work in upgrades and modifications, looking for the best option and more functional logo.

Search for a Domain Name:

A domain name is your website name.
A domain name is the address where Internet users can access your website.
A domain name is used for finding and identifying computers on the Internet. Computers use IP addresses, which are a series of number.
However, it is difficult for humans to remember strings of numbers, Because of this, domain names were developed and used to identify entities on the Internet rather than using IP addresses.
Your Domain name is unique in the world.
Let Us find for you the best Domain name to get prescence in the virtual world.

Hosting for one year:

A computer that hosts your website on the Internet.
We rent the space with Professional Companies that offer multiple servers to avoid disconnection and regularly backups of their servers, which guarantees not to lose the information contained in your web site. The basic host start as 12 months as minimum and you can cancel or renewal at finish that term.

Basic Web Site:

Our Expert Team will do a great Web site for your Business starting with the 5 pages basic platform:
Home, About Us, Our services, Contact Us and Other.
Our pages are completely friendly, easy to set up and, with our guidance, you can get control of it without depend of others.

Final files sent via email:

We'll send your logo in .JPG and .PNG formats, which you can easely use online and digital print.

Files supplied in vector format:

Only for Small Business Package and Corporate Package you'll receive your logo in vector file, that will allow you to edit your logo, inclusive resizing it for different uses.

You own all design rights:

Use your new logo wherever you want to, as often as you like.

Black and white logo version:

Get black and white version of your logo to use on items where color is impractical, such a receipts, windows, newspapers and more.

Internet Logo version:

We'll send your logo in web JPG and transparent .PNG formats, which you can easily use online because files are not heavy.

Fonts and exact color codes:

Have full access to all info about the fonts and color codes used in the design of your logo so you can easily and reliably reproduce it to use on the web, print or promotional merchandize.

Satisfaction guaranteed:

If you are not satisfied with the initial logo design concepts rovide by our team, you may request a brand-new set of logo design concepts created by a new team of designers or you may cancel your project and request a full refound. Once your logo reaches a revision round, services will non-refundable.

Business cards design

A great Logo deserve a Great Business Cards.
Get a Professional Design for your first Business cards, and get a big impact in the business world, and show who is now in Town.

Brainstorm for Names Proposal.

How the sentence say, it is a fresh Brainstorm to propose and found a new name for your Business.
Our Profesional Team will looking for the best choices according the services or products that your business offering.