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Making your own video


Relax...  Remember this is only for entertainment.
In the past, making a music video clip used to be something that only best artists could did it.
Today, with our support, you can get yours.
Yeah!, Just like recording your own song, we can help you to shoot your own music video.

Director Chair.jpeg

Follow these helpful hints in start creating your music video:

1.    The heart of a great music video... is a great story.

Develop an original concept idea that you’d like the music video to be based off of. Think of a concept that will help visually portray the song. Think about what makes your song special and visualize the video in your mind. It doesn’t have to be literal, but something to visually keep the audience intrigued.
If you can’t come up with a concept on your own, we can help you.

Get the story...

2. Put Down your ideas and...

wrote it.

Like writing a song, developing the idea for your music video will take some revisions and brainstorming.
Release your creativity and explore new options, write down everything and take note of all that you think could be into your video.
Some times the best videos come from ideas wrote in a napkin.

Write down...

3. Share your concept and...

take the opinion from the involved people.

Collaboration in music is important. The same goes with creating videos and music videos especially. 
Share your ideas with the team involved that will help you create your video and narrow down a game plan to make things happen. Developing what is realistic in the timeline provided and the locations that you can shoot will help you develop a solid plan.

Listen opinions...

4. Jot down ideas... make a storyboard.

Put your ideas in a timeline of when and where they will happen in your music video. This helps give a general outline and feel of the music video you are developing. Think of it as a rough sketch.

Create a storyboard...

5. Pick the location for your video.

Once you’ve developed your theme and the storyboard for your video, find the perfect location to do the filming. You can pick more than one location as well. Make sure the location you are picking will be optimal for getting the best light and backdrop for the vibe of your video.
We always recommend the outdoor locations for the use of natural light. Also, indoor locations with incoming natural light are always a good option. If you do choose to shoot indoors, be sure to use the appropriate lighting so the subject is properly lit in the video.

Any video needs... a good location.

6. looking for with your friends and pick the correct cast.

Will you be starring in your music video? Do you need to have actors involved? Are you going to have other characters involved in developing your story? Be sure to find the appropriate team to help best portray your ideas.

and a good cast too...

7. Wardrops, Props, Makeup...

These items determine the look of your video, and their importance cannot be understated in terms of the overall impact of the final product.
Props, wardrobe and stylists, are essential in creating a video with a cohesive and stylized look. Do you want your music video to look like a Hollywood movie? No problem, but you need consideer it in your budget.

Some more stuffs....

8. Planify your Video and save.

A well-planned music video can be shot in as little as a day or two. No-planned productions often take more of a  week and you can quickly see how each additional day of shooting adds to the budget.

make it happen...

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