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Intellectual Property Release Agreement

State of California

This Intellectual Property Release Agreement (hereinafter "Release"), is made by and between the following parties:

Everyone person or company (hereinafter called "Creator") that has filling and sent the I.C.form and having marked the box where you accept the conditions of the same to request the status of Independent Collaborator (hereinafter called "I.C. or I. Collaborator"), with an address located in any part of the world, but, detailed and provided in the I.C. form. 


and Miguel Angel Lobo/ LOBO MEDIA STUDIO (hereinafter "New Rights Holder"), having an address at the following:


3085 Beyer blvd Ste A-103, San Diego, CA. 92154

This "Release", is effective immediately as of the date that the roll of “I.C.” is assumed by

"creator" throught the LOBO MEDIA STUDIO web site.


WHEREAS, Creator owns all right, title and interest in and to certain works of intellectual

property (hereinafter "Works"), defined specifically as the following:

Graphic Design artworks, Illustrations, Photography, Video, Music Creation, Video Edition, Voice over, Song written and all related with their skills offered in I.C.Form to be an I.C.

WHEREAS, New Rights Holder wishes to acquire such right, title and interest in and to said Works;

WHEREAS, Creator is willing to relinquish absolute right, title and interest in and to said Works.

NOW, therefore, in consideration of the promises and covenants contained herein, as well as

other good and valuable consideration (the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby

acknowledged), the Parties do hereby agree as follows:

Article 1 - RELEASE:

Creator hereby releases, and New Rights Holder does accept, the absolute and unconditional right to sell, reproduce, prepare derivate works, distribute, perform, and/or display the Works, as applicable.     Creator does not hold any remaining rights in and to the Works, and the unconditional ability to use and exploit the Works belongs exclusively to New Rights Holder.


Creator hereby represents and warrants that Creator is the exclusive holder of any all rights in and to the Works, and that no other individual or entity may claim any rights, title and/or interest in and to said Works. Creator additionally warrants that Creator has all necessary rights required to grant New Rights Holder unconditional and unlimited use and exploitation of the Works.

Article 3 - AGE OF CONSENT

Creator hereby warrants that Creator is of full legal age and has the right to contract in the state of California and the United States of America.

Article 4 - ASSIGNMENT:

The rights and obligations under this agreement will inure to the benefit and be binding upon any of Creator's successors and assignees, as well as any of New Rights Holder's successors and assignees.


This Release shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the state of California and any applicable federal laws. Both parties consent to jurisdiction under the state and federal courts within the state of California.


This Release may be executed in counterparts, all of which shall constitute a single agreement between the parties. If the dates set forth at the end of this document are different, this Release to be considered effective as of the date that both parties have signed the Release, which may be the later date.


Creator acknowledges that Creator had reasonable and sufficient opportunity to obtain

independent legal advice regarding this Release. Creator covenants that Creator has either received such independent legal advice prior to executing this Agreement or that Creator has independently and willingly chosen not to obtain legal advice and is executing this Release without doing so.


This Release constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes any prior or contemporaneous understandings, whether written or oral.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties execute the Agreement as follows:

1.- Creator accept this Release, at moment that the check box on the I.C.Form has been


2.- Creator declare that all information submitted into the I.C.Form is complete and truth.

3.- Creator read and understood the conditions before accepting this Release.

4.- Creator accept the I.C.Form submitted as an acceptable way to execute this release


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