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(I.C. Form)

I accept and Understand, that basically, an Independent Collaborator  (I. Collaborator or I.C.) is an external services supplier, that offer their professional services and who has been selected for their exceptional skills and that will collaborate in a proof period with LOBO MEDIA.

Projects could being paid or not and could be in exchange for benefits or services with LOBO MEDIA STUDIO.

I accept too, that I transfer all rights of use and commercialization of all files sent by me to LOBO MEDIA STUDIO, in accordance with the Intellectual Property Release Agreement that was read, understood and accept by me previously. (See Intellectual Property Release Agreement here)

I accept too, that I release all rights of use, publish, reuse, republish, distribute  and commercialization of any image of me and or my property, sent by me to LOBO MEDIA STUDIO, or approved by me, in accordance with the Model Release Agreement, that was read, understood and accept by me previously.  

(See Model Release Agreement here)
I understood and accept too that LOBO MEDIA STUDIO reserves the right to terminate the relationship with any I. Collaborator at any time and without prior notice, in case of fault at moral codes, respect, responsibility or punctuality, as well as lack of quality or punctuality in the deliveries.

​In case to receive any payment and In order to LOBO MEDIA STUDIO declare all payments completed to my name on IRS, payments need to doing directly from LOBO MEDIA to my account, therefore, I will provide a valid bank account or a Paypal under my name, to receive the corresponding payments.

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