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You could have all the money in the world!
But you'll never have, a MICHISAURUS...
Until today!


Thanks to advanced genetics, we have 500 MICHISAURUS for you!


Giant Black Mug, molded in the shape of a "MICHI" with a large capacity of 18 Ounces (just over half a liter) which makes it a true "SAURUS".


Safe to use in the Microwave or Dishwasher.


Order yours today, we only have 500!
Remember that this model it is in danger of extinction.


  • Package Size:   6" x 6" x 6"

    Product Weight:  0.7 lbs

    Material:  Ceramic

    Microwave Safe:  Yes

    Diswasher Safe:  Yes (Although it's Dishwash safe, Our suggestion is to wash it by hand, since the piece is molded and contains parts that could be damaged in a dishwasher and... you wouldn't like your Michi to get hurt, would you?)


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