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Karaoke Service and Production: Welcome


$250 by night

Because size is not important, with our BOSE S1 PRO with bluetooth system, only paired your smart phone or tablet and... that´s it!  
You can sing all the karaokes from our Youtube channel.    
Check it out!
Miguel Lobo Karaoke Channel.

This service include:

1 wireless microphone. 

1 BOSE S1 PRO sound system. (see more about this system, below)

1 Speaker Stand.


$550/ 4 Hours   $100/Additional Hour.

LOBO MEDIA STUDIO is proud to serve the great San Diego area with our customized karaoke service for your party or event.

Our program provides english, and spanish songs from decades hits, classics, balads, pop, rock and almost any style.

This service include:

1 wireless microphone SHURE 58 (See more below)

1 Retro microphone. SHURE SUPER 55  (See more below)

1 BOSE L1 II sound system.  (See more about this system, below)

1 Large LCD TV (or 1 projector)

1 KJ (Like a DJ but for karaoke)

LOBO provides a great ambience for you and your party and you will have long lasting memories even if it was a simple night out or your birthday with our affordable rates and amazing staff. 

You have to sing with us!

Karaoke Service and Production: Welcome


$900/ 3 Hour   $150/Additional Hour.

Integration is the word!
Therefore, the Company events are much more than just a chance for employees to gather. Whether you have an annual awards ceremony and dinner, a summer picnic, or a holiday party, it’s much more than just kicking back and letting your hair down. 

Group Activities as Sing together, can create a strong relationship and confidence between your staff.

The Company events help to:

  1. Validating your employees

  2. Promote creativity

  3. Boost company morale

  4. Create a better, more focused team.

APCO Insight and MMB surveyed 400 small business owners and found that that 96% said meetings yield a positive ROL. 
Focusing on company events really is an investment. Just like you invest in marketing and recruiting, you should also invest in company events to see numerous positive results.

This service include:

3 wireless microphone. (See more below)

2 Retro microphone. (See more below)

1 BOSE L1 II sound system. (See more abut this system, below)

1 BOSE S1 Bass.

1 Personal LCD Monitor. 

1 Large LCD TV (or 1 projector)

1 KJ animator and Singer.



Because your performance deserve quality and crystal clarity, we only use SHURE to bring you excelence in sound.


Because your performance deserve the best sound, we only use BOSE L1 to bring you excelence in sound.


Size is not really important... the quality it is.
Try this little giant with bluetooth technology.

Are you ready to do Yourself?

You have mics, smart TV,  tablet or phone and eager to sing?
Try this powerful tool on line using your own gadgets.

Karaoke Service and Production: Service

Be theKJ

KaraFun is a complete karaoke experience, offering 33,000 karaoke songs recorded in studio, and apps for your devices (Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android).

KaraFun includes many professional features, like custom singer's name, remote control, song queue and custom key and tempo, that make the experience even more fun.

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